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Dominican Republic Information


There are many places in the world to consider as destination for retirement, relocation, new business investment or a second home away from home.  So why the Dominican Republic?  There are a number of reasons which we cover in the articles listed in the information section below.  But in brief, The Dominican Republic offers a growing economy, new homes and condominium apartments that on average costs half of what it would in other Caribbean destinations and an attractive residency process leading to citizenship as well.

We invite you to read further and discover why so many people have decided to call The Dominican Republic their new home!

dominican republic immigration information

Dominican Republic Information

Please find below a series of information sections designed to answer the commonly asked questions we often hear from our clients.
In addition we also write a number of monthly articles and editorials involving topics of interest we know are of concern, which you can find on our blogs.

Dominican Republic University Education

Your Kids Will Thank You, Trust Us. . . . .

Banking In The Dominican Republic

Interest Rates, Bank Accounts, Investments

Residency Application Process

Ordinary Residency or Investor Residency?

Real Estate Q & A

Our Most Common Real Estate Questions 

Living In The Dominican Republic

What is the cost of living and lifestyle?


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